More value to your credit union. Better service for your members.
Benefits your Credit Union
  • Branded for your credit union. Private labeling and iframe abilities position the online vehicle showroom and auction as another service for your credit union.
  • Better resale prices. Vehicles are sold in a "commercially reasonable manner" and typically sell for higher prices.
  • More loan opportunities. Having CUAuctions on your website gives your credit union the opportunity to promote its auto financing and pre-approvals to more auto shoppers and buyers.
  • Lower deficiency balances. Low monthly cost, no wholesale fees and bidding activity that results in maximum market return for the vehicle which reduces your deficiency balance.
  • Increased efficiencies and productivity. Save time and money with easy and hassle-free inventory management.
  • Limit compliance risk. CUAuctions ensures a compliant process in a constantly changing regulatory environment, while providing you with proper documentation for each sale.
  • Increase web traffic & improve SEO. Linking CUAuctions to your credit union's website will drive additional web traffic that provides more opportunities for digital marketing and SEO.

Benefits your Members
  • Save money on a used vehicle. Members will find significant savings from their online auction purchase as compared to the retail marketplace.
  • Safe and secure. Your members' online safety is a top priority. Members will have peace-of-mind that their data is secure and that auction process is transparent and compliant.
  • 24/7 shopping and bidding. Members can shop for and bid on a used vehicle right from your credit union's website. The 24/7 vehicle showroom and auction is available for your members even after your staff goes home.
  • Credit Union auto loans. Members can have access to your credit union online loan process as well as your great rates within the CUAuctions platform.
  • Credit Union-centric. Our credit union-centric business model ensures that your members receive the best possible solution and service.